Senior Back End/ Full Stack Developer

Our working atmosphere

In this position, you’ll have the chance to work in a small team and close-knit environment where your voice is heard. This team is a group from various and diverse backgrounds, we don’t have any hierarchy within the teams as everyone brings something different and has different experiences and knowledge. This position is perfect for you who likes the freedom to make critical technical changes without having to go through various checkpoints, you will see instant results and will be supported by your team to experiment and bring on new ideas. It is beneficial for this position if you have acted as lead, you might even be looking for a senior role, or taken on various projects independently.  



Your key responsibilities will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Work closely with the product owner and develop a deep understanding of the requirements and functionality that they would like to implement.
  • Participate in the team development cycle of designing, planning, estimating, breaking down work, implementing, and testing.
  • Identify the repetitive daily tasks and automate the flow for your peers.
  • Research and recommend solutions as and when necessary.
  • Establish coding standards and best practices, perform code and design reviews and provide feedback.
  • Lead building scalable products. 
  • Collaborate with the T-shaped team across various physical locations including product management and other engineering disciplines.
  • Maintain and improve our CI/CD pipeline.

Your experience

We  need you to make us better, bringing experience within the following, but limited to:

  • Experience working on highly available, fault-tolerant distributed systems.
  •  Experience or interest in full-stack development (A mixture of frontend/micro-service/cloud/business domain)
  • Proficient in Javascript.
  • Experience managing web applications operating at web-scale. 
  • A solid understanding of the modern SDLC processes such as Continuous Integration and Delivery. 
  • Familiarity with SQL, Elastic Search, or other NoSQL storage mechanisms.

We’d love to see

  • Experience managing web-scale infrastructure using modern technologies and DevOps principles.
  • A couple of years of experience with IaC tools such as Terraform, Bosh, Che or Ansible.
  •  2+ years of experience with the public cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, Google).
  • Expertise in Kubernetes, both as a client as well as the owner of the platform.
  • Experience in implementing APIs in a Microservices Architecture.
  • Sound experience of front end ve

You are truly

  • Driven by your passion for what you do.
  • A nice person.

What's in it for you? Happy that you asked!

We are a diverse group of likeable, youthful (in age or spirit) people from all over the world that simply love what we do and have a lot of fun. These colleagues are a blend of Digital Marketing, Graphics, Logistics & Robot Automatisation, IT, Operation, Growth, Finance, Customer Service, BI, Buying (inc proprietary brands), People/Culture, Photo/Copy, Brand marketing (inc social media team). We are endeavouring real-world practitioner experience across a range of disciplines, collaborating with experts in other spaces. 

With the team continuing to grow throughout 2021, there will be further opportunities to progress and define how you would like your career to be shaped within the organisation.

Are we a good match

So, do the above resonate with your passion and ambition? Are you inspired by the thought of impacting families across the globe in a positive way? Do you want an opportunity to apply your expertise in a context where you truly contribute to our family context? If so then we’d love to hear from you.

About Babyshop Group

The Babyshop Group; including,,, and 10 physical stores in Norway and Sweden is today a leading global omnichannel retailer with a total turnover of 1.2 billion SEK.  We are a fashion retailer in tech, not only do we have a modern tech stack, but we also have a self-automated AutoStore warehouse solution containing 130,000 boxes and 120 robots.  At present Babyshop Group has offices in Paris, London, Stockholm, Oslo and Seoul,  in total over 50 nationalities in our workforce and 70% of women.

Babyshop Group is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy, age, sexual orientation, marital status, medical condition or disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Babyshop Group applies the following for recruitment companies or agencies or equivalent staffing businesses. If a company, or sister company or any group company, in the role as resources, recruiters or directors or any other role within the mentioned companies, send or provide, in any form or channels, such as a CV or information or contact details of a candidate/candidates, they will approach directly by BSG. There will not be any fee to claim for the recruitment-, candidate-, staff introduction or any equivalent nature of services unless there is a signed contract in place between relevant parties.





The link to your LinkedIn profile can be found here

We have a lot of challenges ahead and we need your experience to makes us better. Are you an experienced javascript developer?

Yes. I am!
Almost there, soon.

With regards to your role as a developer and if you need to make a choice, what're your preferences, Back End or Front End?

Back End
Front End

Regarding cloud, do you feel confident regarding Cloud formation/serverless and containerized services?

Yes, I do.
No, need some more projects.

This position is formally based at our HQ and we apply flexibility to work remotely. However, please let us know if you need a work permit to work in Sweden by ticking YES or NO.

No, I don't need a work permit to work in Sweden.
Yes, I need a vaild work permit to work in Sweden.

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